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  • Pea Protein Powder Chocolate Power 2lb Canister

Pea Protein Powder Chocolate Power 2lb Canister

• Excellent Digestibility & Creaminess
• 2,621mg Glutamine and Precursors per serving
• Excellent Source of Iron
• High in Arginine & Lysine Amino Acids to Fuel an Active Lifestyle and Build Connective Tissue

Finally a NON-GMO PEA PROTEIN, made with raw protein, that’s easily stored, scooped and blended with water or in your favorite smoothie recipe. This 2lb canister of plant protein provides 16g of all the essential and non-essential amino acids. Especially high in the essential amino acid Lysine, some studies show that yellow peas have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial properties.

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A perfect complement to the amino acid profile of rice protein, the two proteins can be blended together or utilized alone. You can incorporate Growing Naturals plant proteins into most any specialized diet plan, at most any age, and you’ll feel the difference.

Thanks to a patented, chemical-free, low-heat process, these non-GMO US and Canadian grown Yellow Peas are a great source of protein that’s uniquely low carb, low calories, low fat, low sugar, low sodium and naturally cholesterol-free.  Better yet, it’s allergen-free easily digested unlike whey and soy proteins.

Mix the smooth chocolatey thickness you like by shaking or blending one leveled, unpacked scoop with 8-12 ozs chilled water, milk, or liquid of your choice. Power-up your favorite shakes or sprinkle into dishes to make any meal high-protein. Also great for baking! Mixes well with Growing Naturals Rice Protein to create a potent, synergistic amino acid blend.

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