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P.M. Restore SuperShake Dark Chocolate

Rest Easy while Simplifying Evenings One Scoop at a Time

The solution for the great dilemma of a good night’s sleep has arrived with P.M. Restore One & Done SuperShake. We can ditch the pill bottles, sweet cravings plus restless nights, and instead sip our way to a better tomorrow. Each quick scoop includes satiating fiber, antioxidants and a complete plant protein blend to help rebuild and recover, PLUS an effective stress and sleep support blend that ranges from chamomile to melatonin. Better yet, this is all accomplished with non-GMO, vegan and allergen-friendly ingredients. Hot or cold, this is our new nightly guilt-free chocolate ritual.

P.M. Restore is here to help our bodies relax, rebuild and awake refreshed.
• Great value for less than the cost of a hot cocoa
• Only 4g sugar
• This stimulant-free blend is designed to complement A.M. Energy Benefit Blend
• Only 4g net carbs

Each serving has at least^:
as much iron as 6 cups of raw spinach
as much fiber as 2.1 cups of raw broccoli
as much protein as 2.4 eggs
as much Vitamin C as 1 tangerine

^based on USDA Nutrient Database, 2018




Coming Soon.

We are excited to launch our newest products AM Energy and PM Restore online! Please check again soon for availabilities at stores.